Latest news 04 Sep 2014

Over £2million funding available in support of the Agri Food sector


At a breakfast seminar, held at CAFRE, Loughry Campus, industry leaders were informed of a recently opened competition worth over £2.3million, funded by Innovate UK (previously Technology Strategy Board) and Invest NI aimed at encouraging the formation of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’S).

A KTP involves a partnership between a business, an academic institution and a recently qualified person, known as a KTP Associate focusing on a strategic project for a business to deliver real outcomes.

The event organisers Invest NI and CAFRE were delighted to have Professor Chris Elliott, Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s as the keynote speaker. Prof Elliott said: “The Agri-Food industry is important to our local economy and there are major global business opportunities waiting to be grasped. Through collaboration with our academic communities to access knowledge and expertise, companies can position themselves for faster growth. We are about the development of innovative products and processes, improving the safety, quality and authenticity of supply chains and linking our agriculture and food graduates with local industry. KTP is the perfect vehicle for this.”

The current KTP competition encompasses three high-level challenges and project proposals must address at least one: innovating to benefit consumer health, wellbeing and choice; improving productivity, resource efficiency and resilience in the supply chain; and, assuring safety and security across the supply chain. Joy Alexander, CAFRE welcomed the industry delegates, and encouraged them to use the networking session to find out the support that is available through CAFRE, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Ulster and AFBI

Photo Caption: Speakers & Event Sponsors: Chris Elliott (Queen’s University Belfast), Kezia Williamson (Knowledge Transfer Networks), Carol Keery (Invest NI), Elaine Kerr (International Synergies NI Ltd), Nick Bassett (Technology Strategy Board), and Joy Alexander (CAFRE).