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About us

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National Farmer is the UK’s leading digital agricultural publication, since it became the world’s first digital-only agricultural magazine.

National Farmer digital magazine is free to users online and via an app.

Having initially dismissed digital as not being appropriate for the farming community, our competitors have slowly come to realise the power of this technology. They are, however, some way behind National Farmer in their use of rich media. We consistently add considerable value to each and every page of the magazine through the use of digital interactivity.

The farming community were the first to embrace online banking and the new wave of precision farming is incredibly hi-tech, proving that farmers are by no means backwards in the technology world. This important fact spurred National Farmer to embrace digital-only publishing. Our platform is particularly appealing to the new generation of young farmers.

Each month we bring you the latest agricultural news, in-depth features, company profiles, energy news, motor industry coverage and much more.

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