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Styles and instructions


The following styles have been used on this site

H1 – is used by the site for page headings

H2 – is used for the sub title on pages and posts

H3 – Sub heading

H4- Sub heading

H5 – Sub heading
H5 – used for PDF file links in articles and pages so it stands out with PDF icon
H6 – used for links in articles and pages so it stands out.

Only looks good once the text is also hyperlinked



Through out the site you will see what we call short codes used in the editor, [xxxx]. Please make sure these are NEVER touched. These are also used on News pages to dynamically load all the news form that category

Everything in green would need to be set up also if a new site is required

Setup of new sites using the DSM Theme for BIP

WordPress set up

There are several items that will need doing and set up in WordPress “Settings”. Copy NF site.


Themes > Customise

  • Add tag and title
  • Static Front page – set to static page


Add categories required, see list below plus add all news categories required.


Add the following menus exacting as listed so they drop into the pages as required


Install the following:

  1. Advanced iFrame Pro – This plugin includes any webpage as shortcode in an advanced iframe or embeds the content directly. Please update this plugin with versions from codecanyon only. Otherwise you get the free version again.
  2. Business Directory Plugin – Provides the ability to maintain a free or paid business directory on your WordPress powered site.
  3. Cimy User Extra Fields – Add some useful fields to registration and user’s info
  4. Cookie Law InfoEvent List – A simple way of ‘implied consent’ to show your website complies with the EU Cookie Law, which came into force on 26 May 2012.
  5. Event List – Manage your events and show them in a list view on your site.
  6. iThemes Security – Protect your WordPress site by hiding vital areas of your site, protecting access to important files, preventing brute-force login attempts, detecting attack attempts and more.
  7. Jetpack by WordPress.com – Used only to add ShareThis icons
  8. Multiple Post Thumbnails – Adds the ability to add multiple post thumbnails to a post type.
  9. Ninja Forms – Ninja Forms is a webform builder with unparalleled ease of use and features.
  10. Post Duplicator – Creates functionality to duplicate any and all post types, including taxonomies & custom fields
  11. Regenerate Thumbnails – Allows you to regenerate all thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.
    WordPress SEO – The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.
  12. WP Job Manager – Manage job listings from the WordPress admin panel, and allow users to post jobs directly to your site.

Recommend that all settings are based on current NF web site



The theme has added a custom component called “DSM Blocks” to the menu. These are explained further down the page but there are some set ups required for new sites and then will create the home page grid. Each cell/tab has its content controlled by the following blocks.

Add the following to control the home page grid (see PDF file for grid layout below):

NF site then has the following which are used in Grid 1 and Grid 2 in next stage

    • Top left grid – do not touch
    • Top middle left grid – do not touch
    • Top middle right grid – do not touch
    • Top right grid – do not touch
    • Bottom left grid – do not touch
    • Bottom middle left grid – do not touch
    • Bottom middle right grid – do not touch
    • Bottom right grid – do not touch

All of the above will need category of “Home Blocks”. Also when setting these up you will need to add styles

    • DoubleHeight =
    • SingleHeight =
    • DarkGreen = Colour 1
    • LightGreen = Colour 2
  • Main two rows of cells/tabs
    • Grid 1 – do not touch
      • Requires 4 Blocks
      • Category = All Under category of “Home blocks”
      • Content = What ever block you want in grid
      • Size = 4 Column
      • Class
        • DoubleHeight or
        • SingleHeight
        • DarkGreen or LightGreen (Not required if you intend to drop a group of more than one element that is then saved elsewhere)
    • Grid 2 – do not touch
      • Same as above


Add the following pages:

  • Home page – use home page template

Content editing on BIP site


We refer to “Blocks” in these instructions. These are like a collection of items (content and functionality) that can be inserted into any page as described above. A lot of them do say “don’t touch” as they contain elements that automatically work on the web site and should not be touched.

These are the block types that we use :

  • Grids – These are set up by DSM and should not be touched. They are when we want to group several blocks together. They can be used though on pages
  • Post – contains all of items required to drop in the right column on all content pages
  • Blocks – These are set up by DSM and should not be touched. They are used on the home page to set up the grid and also other elements used on the site
  • News – for news stories
  • Menus – These are set up up DSM and should not be touched. They can be used to drop “section” menus into the right column on pages. Once setup you can edit menus in the normal place in WordPress
  • System – This are used by other functions on the site and should not be touched

See the specific list below used on this site

To download a PDF file showing how the Blocks are added to the home page grid – Home page grid layout

Build a new page

Use the “Add New” button on the “All pages” part of WordPress or the link in the menu. Or better still duplicate an existing page and edit it.

Add the content to the editor and format correctly.

The following categories have been set up for easier control. These are added in the Category set up of either posts or DSM Blocks, both the same. Blocks can like posts have more than one category

  • Arable
    • News category
  • Diversification
    • News category
  • Education
    • News category
  • Farming apps
    • News category
  • Footer blocks
    • Used for elements in the footer
  • Generic blocks
    • General elements that could be added anywhere
  • Header blocks
    • Used for elements in the header
  • Home blocks
    • Used to control the grid/tabs on the home page
  • Latest issue
    • News category
  • Latest news
    • News category
  • Live feeds
    • News category
  • Livestock
    • News category
  • Machinery
    • News category
  • Motors
    • News category
  • Post blocks
    • Used for elements that might be required in the right column on content pages
  • Renewables / alternate energy
    • News category
  • Special menus
    • Used for menus added to the system so that the user can add a menu anywhere on the site
  • Video
    • News category
  • Whats on /Events
    • News category / Events plugin

Once you have added your content you can then choice to add “Blocks” for the panels in the right hand column in the “DSM” block control section under the Editor. Most content is likely to be “Blocks” which you can select after clicking the “+” symbol

  1. Select “Block”
  2. Wait for drop down to appear and then select “category”
  3. Wait for drop down to appear and then select block saved in drop down under “Content”
  4. Select from “Size” drop down, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 column.
    1. 1 column for content in right column
    2. Others are only used to build the grid layouts on the home page. But they do allow a user to create more than 1 column where they are adding the content
  5. Add class if its required in “Class” field. The following are used to make it look better
    1. “ShareThis” – for share this icons
    2. “SearchPosts” – for the search bar
    3. “OtherPosts” – if you want the post tabs


Menus are controlled in Appearance > Menus and include:

  • Main menu – there should be no need to touch this
  • Footer menu – Controls the quick links in the footer
  • Mobile menu – there should be no need to touch this
  • Sub menu – Controls the links in the footer (dark area)
  • * –  section menus – Controls the menus in the right hand column of the section


To add a new news story to site :

  • Select “Posts” in back-end and “Add”.
  • Please select category of “News”
  • After adding main title at top of page please add content
  • First line should be a a H2
  • The add “more” into editor with icon in tools. This formats the story correctly on feed page