Motors 10 Oct 2014

The best of all worlds


Dorset smallholder Hans Tamm needs a rugged four-wheel drive that is also a comfortable long-distance cruiser. Fortunately, that just about sums up the Volvo XC60 he bought earlier this year

Dr Hans Tamm spends a lot of time travelling between London and the wilds of Dorset. A banker by profession, Hans purchased a 20-acre smallholding in the Blackmore Vale in early 2014, and is currently working full time on the land.

“I soon discovered that I needed a reliable 4×4 for use around the farm,” he reports. “I wanted something that could tow a horsebox, be loaded up with gear and animal feed, and provide comfortable and safe travelling in a variety of conditions.”

When making his purchasing decision, Hans admits that he was swayed by the generous discounts on offer to NFU members through Volvo’s Affinity Scheme. This provides farmers and rural dwellers with the chance to own a new Volvo at a substantially reduced cost – meaning it’s never been easier to buy a vehicle such as the XC60 Hans opted for.

“I was attracted by the XC60’s safety credentials,” Hans reports. “The features that are especially helpful to me are the adaptive cruise control, which comes into its own during long motorway journeys, and the bending xenon headlights, which swivel as you turn the steering wheel. These are brilliant on dark evenings in the countryside, making it much easier to see what’s ahead even on very twisty roads.”

Another strong feature of the XC60 for Hans was its four-wheel drive system, which is one of the best in the business. “It’s a much more robust set-up than some of its competitors in the premium SUV market,” he observes. “Given that my car is frequently used in challenging terrain and for towing, I felt this was a clear point in the XC60’s favour.”

Of course, not every capable 4×4 also offers comfortable and refined travelling over long distances. But the XC60 scores highly here, as well – ensuring it is a compelling proposition for someone with Hans’s lifestyle.

“There are other SUVs out there that offer a good on-road drive,” he admits. “But I like Volvo’s understated image, meaning the XC60 is just as at home in a muddy farmyard as it is in a bustling city centre.”

This sums up the unique appeal of the XC60, for Hans and a host of other people who enjoy both town and country life. It’s a car that manages to offer something for everyone, without compromising on the things that matter the most.

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