Machinery 22 Oct 2014

DX, the 2 signature letters for the new range of SULKY fertiliser spreaders


SULKY, the specialist in fertilisation, has announced the launch of the new DX mounted range of fertiliser spreaders.

The DXs cover a wide market, from mixed farming, livestock, field crops and large arable farms whist not forgetting the contractors. The new models are available in 2 large families – the DX 20s and the DX 30s.

What could be better than innovations for the terrain?

The new generation DX range has major advantages to attract the agricultural customer:

  1. Easy and simple calibration tests and hopper emptying is the result of an accessible spreading system and an “express” emptying kit
  2. Unmatched FERTIWAY width control by modifying the placement point using an outlet chute: Sulky were the first manufacturer to use this system as long ago as 1982.
  3. Exceptional accuracy at the headlands with the introduction of STOP&GO on the DX30+s. No more approximate cutting-off and re-opening of shutters, as the GPS takes charge of this automatically.
  4. Capacities of up to 3000 L will now optimise the spreading time on the DX30 and 30+ versions.
  5. Spreading widths of up to 36 m and even 28 m with lower quality fertilisers can be reached.
  6. Even more comfort with ergonomic adjustment levers and with the “skylight” cover on the DX30+.

Simplicity and Efficiency are the keywords for the new DX range.

The range:

DX20 – 900 to 2100 l – 9 to 18 m

DX20+ – 900 to 2100 l – 12 to 24 m

DX30+ – 1500 to 3000 l – 12 to 36 m