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Farmflo is a cloud-based data logging system which has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the everyday running of a farm. It harnesses the latest technology to reduce the additional administrative burded placed on farmers, potentially saving them significant administrative time each and every week. Farmflo also delivers peace of mind, providing farmers with a simple solution for their compliance and information provision requirements.

“As government and EU regulations intensify, we wanted to find some software that could handle some of the reports and paperwork for us. There simply wasn’t anything like it out there, so we built it ourselves!” Gareth Devenney, Co-Founder of Farmflo.

Since founding the company in 2012, the brothers, who were raised on a farm in Donegal, have been beta testing their farming compliance management software with 200 farmers. Essentially this will ensure that Farming Compliance is Made Easy by keeping farm records safe in Farmflo where they can be used to save time with compliance paperwork while staying 100% accurate.”

Having grown up on the family farm, before studying at Greenmount Agricultural College, CEO and Co-Founder, Gareth Devenney. spent a year working on large farms in Australia before taking on the day to day operations of the 140 acre farm from his father. Over the last ten years Gareth has focused on increasing cereal production, building out the farms commercial flock of sheep and is always looking at ways to make the farm run more efficiently while improving its performance.

“The momentum behind Farmflo is now unstoppable. High numbers of farmers have signed up for Farmflo during the first month of our public launch in May 2014. Compliance is one of the biggest worries for farmers and our product provides an easy to use solution that eliminates worry and enables farmers to focus on what they enjoy most. Having conducted extensive development and testing over the past two years, we know our software makes compliance easier for farmers, saving an average of 20 hours administrative time per month and securing farmers’ incomes. This investment allows us to build upon our experience and begin making farmers lives easier throughout Ireland and beyond.”

Jason Devenney, an experienced software developer, CEO, and Co-Founder also grew up working on the family farm before studying IT in London, securing an honours degree in Computer Information System Design. After an early career developing software for Walt Disney and Global Aerospace, he went on to co-found cloud based ERP start up, Siondo.

“Farmers can enter information into their tablet or smartphone in the field or barn as they go about their day and sync when they get back home eliminating much of the paperwork that farmers or family members are currently doing in the evenings. Compliance reports can then be generated as required. Our software has been created by farmers for farmers so it feels right that we establish ourselves in Donegal in the heart of the farming community. Our goal is to build a world class farming compliance software company right here in Ireland securing sustainable jobs in the community as the company develops”

We will be taking a more detailed look at the Farmflo software in the October edition of National Farmer

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