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With the collective turnover for the top 25 agricultural co-operatives being over £5 billion with a total membership just shy of 50,000 there has never been a better time to ‘co-operate’. With reduced costs, increased efficiency, greatly increased buying power on behalf of its members co-operatives in the UK and across the world have given extended opportunities to farmers, regardless of output to do business on a level playing field.


Should your business currently supply to co-operatives or should you wish to present your products and services to them National Farmer is offering to showcase your company in one of the biggest shop windows of its kind.


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With independent content being provided by Co-operatives UK, along with major news stories from the biggest agricultural co-operatives and in-depth profiles of the biggest players, this promises to be the place to showcase your company.


National Farmer was the world’s first fully digital farming magazine and is distributed on a monthly basis to in excess of 50,000 key decision makers within agriculture. Utilising all the tools that the digital medium presents us with, including links to social media, innovative use of rich media and more besides we aim to present your organisation in the most modern way possible. Having worked with and currently distributed to key decision makers within the cooperative buying teams, we are looking to put your organisation in front of the people you need to be approached by. Do you have potential to expand your organisation? Are you keen to work with some of the biggest players in agricultural purchasing? Do you have exciting news about your company to tell? If so, then get in touch today to discuss how we can present yourselves in the strongest possible light.