Motors 23 Sep 2014

The perfect vehicle for country life


Vet Den Leonard explains why he chose a Volvo XC90 to get him around his rural practice

When large-animal vet Den Leonard needed a vehicle to use for work and leisure, he didn’t look much beyond the Volvo XC90. For him, it offers the perfect balance between comfort, practicality and style – and it’s more than able to cope with the rough and tumble of rural life.

“One of the things I most appreciate about the XC90 is its spacious interior,” Den remarks. “Unlike some other large SUVs, the car isn’t too huge from the outside, but it’s got loads of space inside. That makes it a great family car, because it’s easy to drive, while being very commodious.”

Even better, says Den, the XC90’s safety credentials bring welcome peace of mind when he loads up with his wife and three children. “I had a bad accident in the months before buying the XC90,” he reports. “That focused my mind on ensuring our next family car was as safe as possible, which is precisely why I chose a Volvo.”

It helps that the XC90 is a four-wheel drive, of course – not least because Den, who is a director of Lambert, Leonard and May veterinary practice, spends a great deal of his time trekking between farms in Cheshire and Shropshire while responding to calls. He really rates the vehicle’s performance over challenging terrain, saying it’s well-able to cope with trips across muddy fields. And he’s especially impressed by its handling in the snow.

That is an indication of the smooth power delivery generated by the Geartonic transmission on Den’s XC90, which works in perfect harmony with the 2.4 diesel engine. The result is a car that’s at home on any type of road, and which Den says his wife especially enjoys using.

“My wife works in our practice,” he explains, “so she tends to use the XC90 as her daily driver. It’s very easy to manoeuvre, offers a great view of the road ahead, and has all the flexibility of seven seats.”

As it happens, the Leonards have been so pleased with their XC90 that they’re thinking of buying it when the lease runs out in the coming months. “It’s provided cost-effective motoring for the last three years, during which we’ve grown really fond of it,” he concludes. “We’re seriously considering taking it on as our own car – and I don’t suppose there can be a better recommendation than that!”

Den’s XC90 was ordered through CBVC Vehicle Management Ltd and supplied by Volvo dealer P V Dobson.

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