Livestock 16 Jul 2014

Organic Animal Supplements


Calling all livestock breeders and animal lovers           – a brand new outlet for organic and natural supplements has launched in the form of Ad Naturam. The online shop aims to filter out all of the chemicals and noxious substances that go into many supplements, replacing them with natural alternatives that keep animals happy and healthy.

With almost forty year of experience gained in the livestock supplements industry, Ad Naturam is the prime destination for nutraceutic supplements. Their range of products includes everything from natural anti-inflammatories for horses to ethical multivitamins for dogs – every product has been created with total respect for nature, life and all living creatures.

Alessandro Saracino, CEO of Ad Naturam, says, “We’re thrilled to have launched our site and our fantastic range of natural animal products. We passionately believe that the use of chemical pharmaceutical agents and antibiotics on our four-legged friends should be limited as much as possible, and Ad Naturam is here to offer animal lovers another option. Rather than being forced to choose products that may not be chemically suitable for their animals or livestock, our brand new site allows them to choose from a collection of natural alternatives that are just as effective.”

The Ad Naturam motto comes from Latin philosopher, Seneca – ‘Si ad naturam vives, nunquam eris pauper’. It means ‘If you live in harmony with nature, you will never be poor’. It is this ethos that has created the Ad Naturam line, which is 100% plant-based and totally natural. The products are guaranteed to be just as efficient as their chemical counterparts, with no collateral risks or adverse side effects for the animals.

The flagship product of the line is Phlogostop, a 100% natural animal supplement and anti-inflammatory that is available for dogs, cats, horses and livestock. The unique white willow phytocomplex is great for relieving pain and lowering fever, and it causes substantially less irritation in the stomach than its chemical counterpart, acetylsalicylic acid. The supplement has an excellent anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant action, which makes it ideal for pets and animals of all kinds.

As well as Phlogostop, there is Mamiflu gel, a solely plant-based product that solves numerous problems, from removing clots in cow milk to reducing subclinical mastitis, caused by inflammation. The gel can act as a decongestant for livestock, as well as promoting healing throughout the herd. It’s available in 20 or 100 unit boxes depending on the needs of the client, and is a great way to protect and nourish livestock without resorting to chemicals.

To find out more about Ad Naturam and its range of natural pet and animal products, visit the website: