Farming Apps 23 Jul 2014



Mineral Fertiliser for sustainable Agriculture

Developer: Netafim


Netafim offers uManage – the industry’s most advanced real-time crop management Decision
Support System (DSS). Designed for greenhouses and open fields, uManage continuously collects data from a wide range
of field sensors and activate devices such irrigation valves and pump connected to irrigation controllers. uManage enables technicians, engineers,agronomists and growers to access, input, cross-reference and share information anytime, anywhere.
uManage Mobile/Tablet
Modify the perfect IOS App:
-Fully customizable with mobile access to custom objects and configuration
-Required user license for uManage Web and Mobile applications
With uManage IOS App you can:
-Instantly access and update critical information from the field
-Spend less time in the office and be more efficient while you are in the field
-Respond immediately to new events such as Irrigation, Sprays, Faults, Maintenance and more

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